Progetto di Emergenza – Enacting resilience and skills of survival after war


“Enacting resilience and skills of survival after war”: January-June 2015
Funding: Salaam Committee Milan, Psychologists for Human Rights,
REC (Remedial Educatio Center), Dulwich Centre foundation.
Ringraziamo i donors e tra questi Pam McKee and Jill Russell per aver supportato economicamente il lavoro del Dulwich Centre.


October 2014, Counseling on grief, bereavement and trauma at Salaam School, Jabalya- Gaza Strip, Dr. Guido Veronese (Psychologists for Human Rights, University of Milano-Bicocca)



Trauma and bereavement counselling

Implementation Partner: PSYHR‐Psychologists for Human Rights Beneficiaries: 21 teachers and Social workers of Salam School and KdgDescription: 9 days intensive program on Trauma and Bereavement Counselling.


—————————————————– Document3                                                 Report of activities hold by REC with teachers after-war: individual and group counselling